QUIZ: Will AI Take Your Job?

ChatGPT is already taking freelancers' work. Is your job next?

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To make things ironic, this week’s quiz on whether AI will take your job was created with the help of AI—and it outperformed our human-created quiz.


Will AI Take Your Job?

Yesterday’s headline is the latest to stress us out about AI and job security. AI is expected to replace 85 million jobs worldwide by 2025, according to the World Economic Forum.

Your job is more likely to be automated if you:

  • Work on repetitive tasks, or manage people who work on repetitive tasks.

  • Execute predefined plans instead of developing strategy.

  • Have limited people-facing responsibilities.

  • Struggle to learn and implement new technologies.

Is your job on the line? We put together a quick quiz to help you find out.

There is good news—the same World Economic Forum report predicts that AI will create 97 million new jobs while 85 million are lost.

If your job is at risk, there is still time to develop the knowledge and skills you need to claim one of those new roles.


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