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Sending unique email newsletters with AI

How one brand sends 100,000+ personalized emails per day.

Sending 100,000 Unique Newsletters Per Day

How big are your email segments?

A few thousand people?

Tens of thousands?

What if you could speak to each customer individually instead?

The Challenge: 

While marketing channels come and go, email reigns supreme. Email marketing generates an average of $36 for every $1 spent. 

However, creating email newsletters takes time. One-size-fits-all campaigns don’t perform as well as personalized emails, but personalizing your newsletter is very difficult without a full email marketing team. 

The American Marketing Association (AMA), the 86-year-old professional association for marketers, faced this exact challenge. They struggled to personalize their newsletter to their 100,000 subscribers’ wide range of specialties and interests.

It took the AMA team hours per week to create their email newsletter. They could only send one edition per week. Something had to change.

The Solution: 

Enter rasa.io. rasa.io is an email newsletter platform that curates custom articles for every subscriber with AI. 

The American Marketing Association uses rasa.io to gather data on their members’ interests based on the links members click. Then, rasa.io’s algorithm curates custom articles for each member, drawing from websites that were chosen by the AMA. The newsletter’s subject line is also customized to maximize open rates. 

AI curated articles in an American Marketing Association newsletter.

While rasa.io’s emails can be fully automated, the American Marketing Association team still puts their most recent articles at the top of every newsletter. They use data on subscriber preferences from rasa.io to plan their content.  

The newsletter starts with a piece of content from the AMA that all subscribers receive.

The AMA fully discloses their use of AI on their newsletter sign-up form–in fact, they use AI curation as a value proposition for the newsletter. 

The Results

With rasa.io, the American Marketing Association was able to send a daily newsletter while spending less time on their newsletter than their original weekly campaigns. 

After implementing AI, the American Marketing Association achieved a 42% monthly subscriber engagement rate. The AMA’s own content is the most popular, sending thousands of additional visitors to their site. 

Most impressively, the organization sends 100,000 unique emails per weekday. 

“The ability to personalize this newsletter for individuals within such a massive audience is invaluable,” said Molly Soat, Editor in Chief of the American Marketing Association


Use AI to do things that are impossible for humans. 

You can’t create a unique email for 100,000 people without AI–particularly as a small team. 

Combine human and AI work

While tools like rasa.io allow you to completely automate your newsletter, AI still performs best with human involvement. The AMA’s most popular email content was the articles that the AMA team wrote based on subscriber data from rasa.io.

AI should be a value proposition, not a secret

AI curation adds value for customers as well as companies. Treat your use of AI as a major value add, not something to hide.

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