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How Nutella sold 7M jars in one month with AI

The secret is making customers feel unique.

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Nutella sold 7M jars in one month with AI

How do you tell an entire country of customers that they are unique?

Use AI to make every product different.

The Campaign

After testing customized captions on their jars, Nutella teamed up with Oglivy Italy on a campaign “make each jar as unique and as expressive as the Italian people.” They set out to create jars of Nutella with unique label designs.

This type of project would typically require an army of graphic designers.

However, Nutella and Oglivy used an AI algorithm to create millions of label combinations from dozens of patterns and thousands of colors.

The result? 7 million unique jars of Nutella. Each jar was given an ID code to authenticate it, like a work of art.

Nutella sold the jars in stores across Italy, and supported sales with online and TV campaigns.

The jars sold out in one month.

The campaign included a digital activation where people could send custom videos to their loved ones. Nutella enthusiasts created and shared 10,000 videos. 

The Takeaway

AI can help you delight your customers by creating unique products and experiences for them.

The Nutella Unica campaign ran in 2017, a few years before text-to-image models like DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion became widely available. Now, you don’t have to be a multinational brand to use custom images to make your users feel special. You could use DALL-E to generate custom holiday cards for customers, or create multiple variations of a brand image for different audiences with Stable Diffusion.

How will you use AI to personalize your user experience?


Create a content calendar in 30 seconds.

“You can spend an hour a month planning your content, or an hour a day figuring out what to post.”

That old marketing adage still rings true in the age of AI.

However, with AI, you can plan your content in minutes rather than hours. Use this chat-based AI prompt to create a first draft, and then customize the calendar to your brand:

Act as a marketing expert. Create a one-month [channel] content calendar for a [company stage and industry] to [goal]. The calendar should include a [daily/weekly] post for [time range]. Please present the calendar in table form, and include draft date, publishing date, content brief, and CTA.


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